Alleviare LLC


Alleviare, LLC was formed on April 30, 2007 to sell insurance products for all types of insurance which it is licensed to sell or broker, including medical, dental and life, and is a wholly owned affiliate of New Hampshire Bankers Association.

Currently, Alleviare, LLC is marketing AFLAC supplemental insurance products.  Alleviare, LLC is also a full service broker in partnership with CGI Business Solutions.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss AFLAC products, contact Sandy Tracy at 603-224-5373 or

If you have questions concerning AFLAC products you have already purchased, please contactBill Henry** at 603-587-0021 or

Click here to visit AFLAC's web site.

* Sandy Tracy is licensed by the state of New Hampshire to market life, health and disability insurance.

** Alleviare, LLC delivers AFLAC insurance with the assistance of licensed insurance agent Bill Henry of Bill Henry & Associates.