Safe Deposit Box Regulatory/Compliance Manual & Policy and Procedures Handbook (on CD)

"Updated 2017 Version" SAVE UP TO 40%

Published: Monday, March 6, 2017

Safe Deposit Regulatory/Compliance Test: (Please answer questions) = Yes   = No

 _____ Does your past due rent "final" drill letter contain the required SCRA disclosure?

_____ Do you know who can remove all box contents from a deceased "single" renter's box?

_____ Are you aware of all seven (7) safe deposit transactions that will trigger a SAR form?

_____ Do you know if your state law requires a renter's "No Insurance" disclosure notice?

_____ Do you know what to do with money, guns or drugs found in a drilled past due box?

_____ Are your procedures in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act?

_____ Are you aware of your state's Unclaimed Property reporting requirements?

(Did you get all YES answers on this test? The following manuals will answer these questions and many more!)

Regulatory/Compliance Manual (on CD)

Includes all of your current state & updated federal regulations.(Updated 2017)

This unique 250 page safe deposit compliance manual (on CD) contains all of YOUR current state and federal safe deposit regulations which include: Deceased renters, delinquent boxes, unclaimed property, record retention, USA Patriot Act, Bank Secrecy Act, Suspicious Activity Reporting, Comptroller of Currency, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, National Credit Union Association, Bank Protection Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, SCRA and many other regulatory compliance and security requirements.

Price: $199.95 plus $9.50 S&H (33% off of $299.95 retail price)

Policy and Procedures Handbook (on CD)

State & updated federal regulations are NOT included (Updated 2012)

This 275-page safe deposit procedures handbook (CD) covers numerous safe deposit issues including: Customer relations, forms, renting, surrendering, box access, key control and many other recommended day-to-day procedures to properly run your safe deposit department.

Price: $199.95 plus $9.50 S&H (33% off of $299.95 retail price)

Policy and Procedures Handbook and Regulatory/Compliance Manual PACKAGE (on CD)

(Updated 2012 & 2017)

SAVE $240.00 on this Policy and Procedures Handbook and Regulatory/Compliance Manual (CD) package.

This comprehensive package provides your staff with answers to the "Most Frequently Asked Safe Deposit Questions". The Procedures Handbook and the Compliance Manual package contains all of your current state and federal safe deposit regulations, sample forms and the recommended daily procedures described above.

Price: $359.99 plus $10.50 S&H (40% off of $599.90 retail price)

Author Dave P. McGuinn, Founder and President of Safe Deposit Specialists

During the past 50 years, McGuinn has provided top-notch safe deposit training, product and services, along with great nationwide client support.Safe Deposit Specialists' compliance and policy & procedures publications and other resources are considered the accepted standard in the financial industry. 


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